Challenging and Changing a Culture

John G. Hunt, President of TripGear was also President of the Leadership by Example, Applications for Life and Steering Young Minds programs.  Listed below are the organizations that funded TripGear or TripGear affiliates.   TripGear has funded community character/citizenship valued curriculums, as mentioned below. 

Leadership by Example: funded by Marine Corps Morale Welfare & Recreations (MWR), 1995-97

Note:   Program focus was building self-esteem in female adolescents using a form of modeling (Styling) as the primary focus along with value-based skits and plays.

Steering Young Minds: funded by Gary, Indiana Dad Are Doing Something (DADS), 1998

Note: Selected by the former Gary Mayor, Scott King, as the second most important Volunteer organization in Gary (1998).  Program focus was citizenship through academic contest and Three on Threedemics basketball competitions.

Applications for Life: funded by Indianapolis Lawrence Township, 2004-8.

Note: TripGear provided Character Education at two high school, two middle schools, and one elementary school.  Program focus was defining and redefining positive character variables through the use of role playing, skits, plays, and short stories.

TripGear implemented a Decision and Choice-based curriculum funded by YMCA 2nd Chance Program, 2010-11.    Program focus is to equip young learners with the proper tools to productively assimilate and navigate societal norms.

Note:  The learners were traditional learners; most of the learners just needed a small nudge to encourage them to aspire for goals in the right direction. 

TripGear implemented a twenty-one week Character curriculum at New Horizon Alternative School in Indianapolis with middle and high-school students.  That program was funded by TripGear LLC.

Note:  Program focus was to construct in students a creative conscience and a universal understanding in the dynamics of personal character coherence.

TripGear implemented a seven-week Character curriculum at Marion County Juvenile Center.  The program was funded by TripGear LLC

Note:  Program focused to explain to learners the power of personal attachments and the motives of relationships. 

TripGear is implementing a Drug and Alcohol Deterrence curriculum funded by Marion County Drug Free/YMCA, 2012.

Note:  Program focuses to give learners insight into cultural and discriminative components within institutions as relating to the culture of drug and alcohol abuse.

TripGear is implementing a Character/Citizenship Navigation curriculum funded by Indianapolis Public School/Alternative Schools, 2010-12.

Note: TripGear is implementing Value-Based Character Navigation at Meridian Transition School.  The learners are sent to this school by a Judicator.

TripGear is implementing a Literacy curriculum at Arsenal Technical High School in Indianapolis.  The program is funded by TripGear LLC.

Note:  Focus of the program is to promote imaginative thought processes in learners.