Challenging and Changing a Culture

I-MICE refers to original Art which challenges and stimulates the minds and perceptions of learners.  Listen to what learners say about I-M.I.C.E.

TripGear Curriculum - Tools and Concepts

A summary of how various TripGear components work together to successfully engage and encourage character building in learners.

What is I-MICE and what role does it play in meaningful character building?

R3+R refers to one of TripGear's chiefest tools in helping learners extract meaning from curriculum materials and real life situations. John Hunt explains.

John Hunt explains the reasoning behind attaching visual emblems to curriculum models.

John Hunt describes how fashion will positively play into TripGear's character building programs.

John Hunt describes teacher's guides and how they simplify the learning process for teachers and learners.

Instructor's Guides - How the use of instructor's guides take the guess work out guiding learners through the literature.

John Hunt describes PHASE III and how it empowers learners to become more involved in their personal growth.

- How TripGear programs have been proven and ways in which TripGear collects data on its programs -

TripGear Background History

John Hunt provides us TripGear's vision and mission as well as describing a brief history of learning programs that would inspire the founding of TripGear.

John Hunt gives some of the background detail of his life which helps him appeal and relate to learners today.