Challenging & Changing A Culture

TRIPGEAR creates and employs original art, stories and curriculum to enhance interpersonal skills and provide traditional and at-risk youth with the tools to combat the influence of anti-social behavior, bullying, violence, and drugs in their lives. Learners are emboldened to be positive impacters of society.

I-M.I.C.E. imagery and R3+R  makes character improvement instantly approachable and culturally relevant.

"Baby" from the story, Yes, It HappenedBack - illustration from Yes, it HappenedGuns Down - illustration from Yes, It HappenedCovered - Illustration from Yes, It HappenedChange is Good - illustration from The Mess I'm In

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We offer illustrations, graphic novels, and other educational tools that connect with youth and encourage discussion. Our ultimate goal is to move learners away from antisocial behavior and lead productive lives.

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Browse through pictures in our online gallery for examples of our artwork. Posters measure 20" x 30" and are priced at an affordable $20 (coming soon).


TRIPGEAR is centralized from our location in Indianapolis, Indiana. We travel to institutions and administer our programs there for learners. Optionally, instead of having our staff personally administer the programs, we also sell our learning tools separately and can provide mentoring and training seminars to help you get the most out of our materials.


Supporting: Marion County Juvenile Center | DADS (Dads Are Doing Something) | IPS (Indianapolis Public Schools) Gary Public Schools | Marion County Drug Free-YMCA | Indianapolis Black Expo | Juvenile Center & YMCA Seminars 

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